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At OneDemand, we’ve successfully run an IT department, and have experience with most major cloud-based and on-premises solution stacks – plus we feature the ability to develop custom or hybrid IT solutions to fit the needs of any law firm or legal department.

Now, we’re ready to help you.

OneDemand Time Matters Certified Consultant

Time Matters

We’re Time Matters experts, with over 15 years of experience working with the program. Time Matters is OneDemand’s preferred on-premises case management software, and we know everything from installation to configuration – and we even know how to take the application entirely next-level with custom add-ons, reporting, and integrations.

OneDemand is a Time Matters Certified Consultant covering all of the Dallas Fort Worth area: including Dallas County, Tarrant County, Collin County, Denton County, and Rockwall County.

OneDemand Clio Certified Consultant


The cloud is now a mature, secure, and exciting legal case management option – particularly for start-up law firms without legacy data. Clio is OneDemand’s preferred cloud-based case management software, and it features the functionality you would expect from any case management solution – plus the many unique benefits only a SaaS solution can deliver.

OneDemand is a Clio Certified Consultant covering all of the Dallas Fort Worth area: including Dallas County, Tarrant County, Collin County, Denton County, and Rockwall County.

While Time Matters and Clio are our preferred case management solutions – and we’re happy to explain why, just contact us – we don’t limit ourselves to one technology stack, and we don’t pigeon-hole our clients into silos, either.

OneDemand SQL Server Consulting

We are experts on SQL Server, including setup, database administration, development, and data integrations. Our 15+ years of SQL experience means we can expertly work with just about any case management system your law firm may use.

Our Legal Tech Process


    We help law firms and legal departments decide which software solutions are right for them, whether on-premises or in the cloud. We're certified in Time Matters and Clio, but our extensive SQL and web experience means we can work with just about any of them.


    We help law firms and legal departments setup, deploy, and configure their solutions stack, in the cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid environment - then the real work begins, customizing and developing the applications with tailored workflow and processes.


    Many legal tasks are repetitive, and certain practice areas and internal schemas follow predictable workflow requirements. We help lawyers and legal departments deliver efficient and high-quality work product with less overhead through a custom approach to automation of their process workflows.


    The "killer app" is dead: Whether on-premises or in the cloud, legal practice management today is all about integrating to deliver the best end-user and customer experience. We help law firms and legal departments unify applications across their enterprise and across the web.


We’re passionate about legal technology, and regularly share things we’re learning, as well as tech tips and marketing hacks to help you grow your law practice. You’ll also get our insider-only promotions and deals!

The OneDemand Legal CTO Advantage

We’re not just another digital marketing agency for attorneys. We’re not just another IT services vendor, either. Traditional IT and online technology are converging, and OneDemand clients get a true legal CTO – with over 15 years experience – to help them cohesively navigate both onsite and online technology solutions.


    • Installation, setup, & configuration
    • Performance tuning
    • Transact-SQL & dynamic-SQL
    • Database administration
    • Database development
    • SSIS & job automation
    • SSAS & data analytics


    • Cloud vs. on-premises
    • IT architecture and design
    • Application analysis and selection
    • Contract cost management, including RFP
    • Technology contract review
    • Enterprise technology planning
    • Training


    • Disaster recovery & business continuity
    • Network security
    • Secure computing
    • Data security, in transit & at rest
    • Policies & procedures
    • Backup strategy & solutions
    • Audit & pre-audit support

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