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Online Marketing
For Lawyers, By Lawyers

As lawyers ourselves, we know how important your book of business is. And, as digital experts with over 15 years of experience – including using the web to help build our own $25mm law practice – we know just how powerful the internet can be.

Internet Marketing
for Attorneys

Featuring High-Quality Content From a Partner-Level Lawyer

You don’t have the time to consistently write articles, but we do.

OneDemand delivers a unique brand of attorney-led, high-quality content to help our clients get results other law firm marketing agencies – with articles written either overseas, by non-lawyers, or by JDs who’ve never practiced a day in their life – simply cannot match.

Our content is final-written by a partner-level attorney who has practiced law for over a decade (and has been at the internet game for over a decade, too), giving your law firm a serious leg up in the battle for online visibility.

How’s your law firm website? All the internet marketing in the world can’t overcome a poorly designed website!

Focused On Results,
Not A System

We aren’t the right fit for every law firm, because our legal internet marketing process focuses on learning, testing, and adapting to deliver personalized, exceptional results – rather than sticking to a rigid system that treats your law firm like everyone else.

  • Legal Internet Marketing Email


    Your law firm has a general client profile, and your ideal client will have certain characteristics. For example, estate planning law firms usually don't see clients in their 20s. Define your ideal client base, and then strategize specifically to attract them. Available tools include lawyer SEO, content marketing, pay-per-click advertising, social media, and others.

  • Legal Internet Marketing Social Media


    Once you've attracted your ideal prospect, you've got a short window - usually about 20 seconds - to make a positive impression. This is where an impressive attorney website, that loads quick and features high-quality copy educating your targeted client profile, becomes critical - because you're on the clock, and only get one chance to make a first impression.

  • Legal Internet Marketing PPC


    You've succeeded in getting eyeballs on your law firm website - now what? You need to convert these visitors into client leads - which means you need them to click or call - and you also can't forget about your existing clients. A properly designed attorney website will maximize conversions, and tools like email marketing and legal tech help retain existing clients.


That’s exactly the kind of forecast you want with your legal internet marketing! Not ready for the rain? Then get up to date weather reports from our mailing list. You’ll also get our insider-only promotions and deals!

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So, How Much?
We’ll cut directly to the chase: If you’re looking to spend a few hundred dollars on your legal internet marketing, you’re better off spending that money in another business development channel.

While you can find plenty of cheap lawyer SEO companies that will hit your price point, you will undoubtedly be disappointed in the results.

Given what’s needed to effectively compete in today’s crowded digital landscape, most reputable lawyer marketing agencies begin around $1K/month.

What Is Legal Internet Marketing
For Attorneys?

Legal internet marketing is a set of tools and disciplines designed to attract a targeted set of eyeballs to your attorney website, and to convert those visitors into prospective client leads.


Includes technical SEO (keyword analysis, meta data, image alt-text, etc.), local SEO work, and off-page SEO.


All of our content is final-written by a partner-level attorney with over 13 years of experience.


While we favor organic lawyer SEO, advertising (Google AdWords, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) has its place.


Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, etc. Prospect for & engage potential clients, plus syndicate your content.


Drip campaigns, auto-responders, and email blasts are a great way to engage both leads and existing clients.


Managing the online review process is critical to winning over potential clients.

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