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Because your law firm deserves a CTO, too.

Attorneys must adapt to the pivotal role that the internet and technology now play in how they acquire clients, communicate with clients, and internally operate their practices - and must get beyond simply throwing money at AdWords or calling Outlook legal tech.
Scott J. Jackson Esq Legal Marketing
Scott J. Jackson, Esq.

Founder & President, OneDemand

We’re Lawyers

We’re founded & run by an attorney with over 13 years of legal experience, including as a managing partner. For over 15 years, we were the captive digital & technology wing of a single law firm, helping grow it from a small practice into over 200 people and $25mm in annual revenue. You aren’t hiring us to be an attorney, but we bring our shared perspective to each of our engagements.

We’re Creative

We like to think differently, and believe succeeding in today’s practice of law requires more than doing what everyone else is doing – it requires a purposeful and driven creativity. We love building impressive attorney websites, we’re passionate about innovating strategies to help lawyers generate leads online and in social media, and we get satisfaction from using technology to solve problems.

We Code

Our background includes over a decade of actually working with computer code. Whether it involves coding for the web or coding to make your onsite applications better meet your unique business needs, we’ve been there and done that. We’re experts at SQL Server, build websites in multiple platforms and languages, and built a patented B2B SaaS solution used by over 14,000 people in a regulated sector.

We’re Your

OneDemand blends executive-level IT planning and support with creative digital services. From web design and internet marketing to full-service IT planning and support, we’re your law firm CTO.

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Why A Law Firm CTO?

Best Law Firm CTO

Big Law Uses One

There's a reason big law has a CTO on staff

Big law knows that technology leadership provides them with an edge. OneDemand brings the law firm CTO to you using an outsourced, on-demand model.

Legal CTO

Fragmented vs. Cohesive

You can't row a boat in different directions

Having a cohesive technology plan - including both onsite and online aspects - is critical to controlling your technology, rather than having it control you.

Legal Department CTO

Technical Expertise

We've run and scaled a law firm IT department

IT is about aptitude and experience. We have both, as we successfully grew and ran the IT department for a $25mm law firm, supporting 200+ employees in 3 locations.

Law Firm CTO Services

Digital Know-How

In today's cloud-driven world, the web is an extension of your IT

SaaS. IaaS. PaaS. All these acronyms point one way: IT can no longer be just about the servers on your premises. We have experience with cloud computing and hybrid IT solutions.


Technology is to the business of law what the forward pass was to football: A game changer. We’ll help you understand the new way the legal game is being played, and you’ll get our insider-only promotions & deals!

Our Success Story

Our unique background in IT, web development, and law helped grow our own small law firm into a $25mm success story. Now, it’s your turn.
  • 01 The Beginning

    Our roots date back to 1999, when we began as the IT Department of a small Southern California practice. Over the next 15 years, the law firm grew dramatically, reaching over 200 employees and $25mm in annual revenue. Operating in a largely flat fee environment, this success was driven in no small part by our unique abilities in law, technology, and web design.

  • 02 The Spin-Off

    In 2011, the law firm spun off its IT Department. We became the "back office" for a growing 200-person law firm, supporting the firm's technology solutions across three locations and two states - and providing its custom web development and digital marketing solutions. No longer just an IT Department, we grew into what we are today - a hybrid IT & digital marketing provider.

  • 03 The Vision

    As 2011 became 2015, we became convinced that what we had been doing in-house for years was reaching critical mass: Law firms could either embrace the converging technical and digital disciplines, or they could get crushed by the forever-moving revolution. We found many attorneys who agreed - but were unhappy with the value and results of the rigid systems touted by "big box" providers.

  • 04 The Response

    In late 2015, OneDemand expanded beyond its original single-firm model, creating a new breed of hybrid technology consultancy, equally fluent in on-premises IT and web-enabled technology solutions. With over 15 years of proven IT and web expertise, and run by an attorney with over 13 years of experience, we're experts at new-school, high-value technology solutions for law firms and legal departments.

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