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Legal Marketing + Legal Tech

Marketing and technology are rapidly converging. Founded & run by an attorney, OneDemand is a different law firm digital marketing agency: We help lawyers grow their practices using both the internet and legal tech.

Start with your own beautiful & mobile-friendly law firm website – for just a few dollars a day!

If It’s The Internet

If It’s Attorney Marketing

If It’s Creative & Different

Then Yes
We Do It

Whether It’s WordPress or Social Media

Whether It’s Lawyer SEO or Legal Tech

Whether It’s Clio or Content Marketing

From our beginnings in 1999, we’ve never really fit in. And, we proudly remain different today.

There’s many choices when it comes to marketing your law firm online, including some boasting large customer lists and “proven systems”.

To us, this simply translates into getting the same results as everyone else. At OneDemand, being the same just isn’t in our DNA – especially when the goal is standing out.

We believe an unconventional approach is required to rise above the herd, and we help select attorneys leverage both the internet and legal tech to attract, engage & convert clients with the same unique style that’s become part of our own success story.

How We Help Law Firms Look Good & Get Found

Law Firm Website Design

Modern, responsive, and mobile-ready law firm website design to make your law firm look as professional and polished as the work you do.

Legal Internet Marketing

Get more client leads online! Professional attorney-led legal internet marketing solutions to drive lead generation through search and social media channels.

Legal Tech

Time Matters, Clio, and pretty much everything else. Decision, deploy, develop, automate and integrate case management software, in the cloud or on premises.

I can build my own website.
I'll just use Wix or SquareSpace.
I can blog myself, and that'll work for lawyer SEO.
A few hundred dollars ought to be good enough.

Said No


Who Was Actually Successful At

Digital Marketing,


You already know what it looks like when a client tries to save a few bucks, and “hires” LegalZoom or goes pro se – so why are you doing your own law firm digital marketing?

It’s 2016, and law firm digital marketing is more competitive than ever. Yet, there remains plenty of companies peddling cheap attorney websites and gimmicky lawyer SEO – because there remains plenty of attorneys shopping for price rather than results.

While marketing your law firm online doesn’t involve any secrets or shortcuts, the digital economy has grown too important, and the competition grown too fierce, to expect results from gimmicks or a part-time approach.

When you’re ready to look good and get found online, we’re experts at building lawyer-specific websites, and offer professional attorney-led legal internet marketing services to help prospective clients find your attorney website online and in social media.


Law firm digital marketing is a competitive game. If you’re not ready to get in the game just yet, keep tabs on it with our tips & hacks. You’ll also get our insider-only promotions and deals!

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 From Our Clients

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